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When You Should Call Your General Dentist

Ideally, you are already in close contact with your dentist. Your bi-annual checkup and cleaning are meant to create a relationship between you and your doctor, besides of course the added dental health benefits. But what if something happens in between? Accidents happen, and so do unforeseen complications, especially if you've not been to the office in some time, so how do you know when to call? This article should hopefully give you some guidance, but if you are concerned you should not hesitate to contact your Saddle Brook, NJ, dentists, Dr. Edward Suchora, and Dr. Blaze Fraser of Saddle Brook Family Dentistry.


Pain is a symptom you simply cannot ignore, in every sense of the word. You should contact your general dentist right away, especially if the pain is severe, accompanied by inflammation, bleeding, or fever.

It may be difficult for you to determine the source of the pain on your own, so the problems could range from an infection of the gums to an abscessed tooth, so it's important to come into the office for an examination and treatment.


Accidents can happen anywhere, whether you're out playing sports or at home having dinner. Chipped or cracked teeth are common and can be repaired by your dentist relatively quickly. They don't always require a prompt visit, but it's still advisable to call just to make sure. Feeling pain on the injured spot, or if the break has left your tooth sharp enough to cut, are both reasons enough to have it looked at as soon as possible.

Having a tooth knocked out requires a quick response so be sure to call. The ADA even recommends trying to gently place the tooth back into its socket if dental services are not immediately available. But you should first call your dentist. You can preserve the lost tooth in milk, just be sure not to touch or damage the root.

Even a child's tooth, if it comes out before it's ready, warrants a dentist's visit to make sure the permanent tooth emerges correctly.

General Dentistry in Saddle Brook, NJ

It isn't just emergencies or complications that should compel you to call your general dentist. They can help you maintain your dental health and also improve your smile through a variety of treatments. So give them a call today, call Dr. Suchora, and Dr. Fraser, of Saddle Brook Family Dentistry in Saddle Brook, NJ, by dialing (201) 368-9222.

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